Rental Information

Rental Procedure Checklist
Contact me for a Rental Procedures checklist to keep the Lessor and Tenant on track when starting a rental agreement.

Lessee Responsibilities
Contact Me for a Lessee's Responsibility Form. The tenant should understand the responsibilities they bear when entering into rental agreement.

Protecting Your Family From Lead & Radon
If you're renting a home built before 1978, you are encouraged to check for lead. Many homes built before 1978 have paint that contain high levels of lead which can pose serious health threats. Download the EPA guide to protect your family. As there are numerous potential hazards associated with lead-based paint, a risk assessment or inspection for such hazards is recommended prior to purchase. Download the Rental Lead Paint Disclosure Form here.
As Radon is a cancer causing Radioactive gas, The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) strongly recommends that the Lessor (homeowner) disclose to the Lessee (tenant) if they are aware of the presence of Radon in the home. The Disclosure of Radon Hazards may be found here.

Rental Property Conditions List
The Lessee this complete the Rental Property Conditions List and attach to the Residential Lease. Note any defects in the items on the list in the appropriate space. Place a check in the photo box if a photo is on file of said defects. All items are presumed to be in good condition unless noted otherwise. Defects shall not necessarily mean that Lessor is obligated to repair, unless otherwise noted herein. Contact me for a Rental Property Conditions List.

Residential Lease
Contact me for a copy of a lease that the Lessee and the Lessor could abide by during the time of occupancy.

Rental Application
In most cases, the Lessor will require a future tenant to complete an application to rent their property. This allows the Lessor to ensure you are who you say you are and your ability to care and live in the dwelling they own. Contact me for an application.

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